I started writing a bit of coffeescript recently. One of its benefits is that the javascript it generates is fairly readable, which really helps in the learning process. To make it easier to see it, I whipped up some vimscript to open up a split window with the generated javascript and update it every time the file is saved. In this short post, I’ll just show the code and explain a bit about how it works.

Update: turns out, the official coffee-script plugin for Vim already defines a command to do something like this: CoffeeWatch. Guess I should have read the docs more carefully :).

The first step is setting up some parameters:

function! SetupPreview(extension, command)
  let b:preview_file    = tempname().'.'.a:extension
  let b:preview_command = printf(a:command, shellescape(expand('%')))
  let b:preview_command .= ' > ' . b:preview_file . ' 2>&1'

  autocmd BufWritePost <buffer>
        \ if bufwinnr(b:preview_file) >= 0 |
        \   call UpdatePreview()           |
        \ endif

After calling it with SetupPreview('js', 'coffee -p %s'), this generates a temporary name for the preview file and stores that and the command in buffer-local variables. It also schedules an update to the buffer on every save, provided the window is still open. Note that the generated command uses shell redirection, so there’s no chance of it running on Windows.

This should be called in an ftplugin vim file:

" ftplugin/coffee.vim
call SetupPreview('js', 'coffee -p %s')

Next, how to actually start the functionality:

command! Preview call s:InitPreview()

function! s:InitPreview()
  if !exists('b:preview_file')
    echoerr 'No preview command has been defined for this buffer.'

  if bufwinnr(b:preview_file) < 0
    let original_buffer = bufnr('%')
    exe 'split '.b:preview_file
    call s:SwitchWindow(original_buffer)

  call UpdatePreview()

Executing :Preview opens up the buffer with the temporary file, goes back to the original one and triggers an update.

function! UpdatePreview()
  if !exists('b:preview_file') || bufwinnr(b:preview_file) < 0

  call system(b:preview_command)

  let original_buffer = bufnr('%')
  call s:SwitchWindow(b:preview_file)
  silent edit!
  syntax on " workaround for weird lack of syntax
  normal! zR
  call s:SwitchWindow(original_buffer)

function! s:SwitchWindow(bufname)
  let window = bufwinnr(a:bufname)
  exe window.'wincmd w'

UpdatePreview() is called once on :Preview and automatically on every save. It executes the stored shell command and does an :edit! in the preview buffer. The function s:SwitchWindow simply finds a window in the current tab, corresponding to a buffer, and jumps to it.

The full source can be found here. If you’re wondering why it expects the extension and the external command as parameters, it’s because you can use the same code for other kinds of preprocessing. To get it to work for markdown, this should be enough:

" fplugin/markdown.vim
call SetupPreview('markdown', 'markdown %s')