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  • First Steps With Arduino [arduino]

    I finally bought an Arduino to play around with. Considering I’m studying robotics, it’s a good first step. If the word doesn’t ring a bell, an “Arduino” is a simple programmable chip. You can write code (a “sketch”) in a subset of C++ and then upload it to the board. You can wire all kinds of sensors and motors to the Arduino and build some pretty cool stuff (a sliding door, a portal turret plush toy).

    Naturally, starting something new, I ran into a few bumps. While there’s a ton of information on the Arduino forums, and even in the Arch Linux wiki, it was still a bit of an adventure to get the ball rolling on my machine.

    In this post, I’ll describe the solutions to a few of my issues. I’ll also explain how the compile and upload process works, at least to the extent of my understanding, and how to get started with building through the command-line. So, if you’re not interested in my headaches, feel free to jump down to “Step 1: Preprocessing”.