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  • Debugging git-all [git, haskell]

    An interesting tool I discovered recently is git-all. It shows you the status of all git repositories in the current directory that have changes or require pushing. This is pretty useful with my “projects” directory – I could have forgotten to push some recent commits, or I might have started working on something and need a reminder to finish it.

    The program is written in haskell and I decided that it’s small enough to use for haskell practice. My original intention was to add support for colors, but I found an odd bug that I ended up fixing instead. In the process, I learned one or two interesting things, so I’d like to explain them for someone else’s benefit. If you have some haskell knowledge, but you’re still in the “beginner” category, you might find the small nuggets of information useful.

    I’ll start by covering several things about haskell I learned during the process. After that, I’ll describe the actual problem and how I managed to solve it. Note that I’m very inexperienced in this area, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.